About Jim Hoover

Jim Hoover Photo is the result of a lifelong dream for Jim Hoover. Starting as a 17 year old, fresh out of high school, he apprenticed with a commercial photographer in downtown Detroit. Jim started doing commercial work, some portraiture, public relations and publicity photography. By the end of that year he was working in the sports department of the Detroit Free Press, where he spent more than eight years. While working at the “Freep” he made a lot of connections with the local pro sports teams and ended up doing all the publicity and public relations for the Detroit Pistons for several seasons. He also handled the PR at DRC (Detroit Race Course, a local one-mile thoroughbred horse track), assignments with the Tigers, Red Wings, Lions, and the Indy 500 on assignment for Ford.

By the time he had left the Free Press, he was doing weddings almost every weekend. You remember, Speed Graphics, flash bulbs, film holders and all that fun stuff – especially with a line of bridesmaids hurrying down the aisle.

He moved on to something a little tamer – working in a camera store on the east side of Detroit. His almost daily freshening of “last night’s Piston game pictures” brought a lot of people in to see him and, within the year was made manager of the store.

As an entrepreneur, Jim teamed up with another photographer, a baker, a florist, and a printer to form “Weddings, Incorporated” when he was about 25. He was also shooting dog shows when there were no weddings on a particular weekend.

But the demands of raising a family of seven caught up with him and he realized that he needed to do something else to help support them. So he returned to school, got a degree in accounting from Walsh College, in Troy, Michigan. Then, after spending a couple more years doing advanced work, he passed the state exam and became a Certified Public Accountant. He worked for local CPA firms, for the IRS, had his own practice and finally spent the last ten years of his career consulting.

But the photography bug never left. In 2010 Jim retired from accounting and consulting and went back to photography. The old motor drive Nikon F and Hasselblad 1000F were pretty well worn out and, of course, digital photography had come along. So he purchased a new Nikon digital with a couple of lenses and went to work sharpening his Photographer’s eye in his new home, far away from the factories of Detroit, on the Gulf coast of Florida.

While he is still building the new portfolio, he’s doing it with portraits, landscapes, “critters”, and some commercial. He’s also currently working on building contacts to get back into professional sports photography.

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