Jim Hoover has been a photographer longer than most people have been alive.  Rright out of high school, he attended the Michigan School of Photography, which was, in reality, working as an apprentice photographer for Press Picture Service in downtown Detroit.  The owner, Morrie Saffron, had been a newspaper photographer for the Detroit Times and had connectrions in the newspaper world, got Jim an interview at the Detroit Free Press.  At the interview, he was hired on the spot and began working in the Sports Department of the Free Press almost immediately. 


That job led to connections for Jim with most of the major sports teams in Detroit and resulted in work the the Pistons as team photographer for three seasons, occasional work for the Tigers and Red Wings and an assignment for the Free Press and Ford Motor Company at the 1965 Indianapolis 500, which was won by Jimmy Clark in a Ford powered Lotus.

 Along the way, other contacts led to shooting hundreds of weddings over the next 20 or so years.

The addition of a wife and, over time, five children, led Jim to going back to school for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with majors in accounting and finance.  After passing a three day state exam, he was awarded a license as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), which carried him through the rest of his career until he retired in 2010.

 Never one to let grass grow under his feet, Jim went back to his true passion, photography, and he started creating beautiful images once again.  A move from Michigan to Sarasota, Florida put him on the edge of the everglades and his images began reflecting his new home.

 For the last twelve years, Jim has been creating the images you see on this site.  He has shown them at art fairs, various businesses, and on various sites on the internet.  Current physical handicaps have prevented him from doing as much work as he has in previous years but he is still shooting occasionally.  His next display will be at the Sarasota Fine Art Show (Philippi Park, 5500 S. Tamiami Trail) on November 20-21, 2022 (10a - 5p both days).   Come meet him in person and add one of his beautiful images to your own collection.